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Unique & Environmental Design 

Design wise, the bubbles make a low visual impact that doesn't interrupt the beauty of the surrounding landscape. "The landscape played a fundamental role in its conception," the owners and architect Iñaki Lopez De Maturana tell us, and it was built around the idea of being able to sleep under five million stars in style. 

Since they're partially transparent, they blend in seamlessly with the scenery, but the bed's are canopied to enhance privacy and block out morning light. The bubbles are also pre-fab structures so they can be easily installed and dismantled without drastically impacting the environment, and they're made from 100 percent recyclable plastics. As a compound with a super attentive staff, communal space, and other travelers but much more relaxed, it's run like a cross between a hotel and an Airbnnb.

.The campsite bubbles are set along side our vine rows Each bubble has a diameter of 4 meters (13 feet) and a ceiling height of 3 meters (10 feet), along with an airlock. A silent blower keeps the space inflated, while constantly recycling the air inside. The bubbles are furnished with a king-sized bed, nightstands, reading lamps, and a set of table and chairs, all of which have been designed to fit different styles for guests to choose from..

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